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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Target Love

I went to Target this afternoon to get Mother's Day cards and dog treats, but of course I had to swing by the women's clothing department and check the clearance racks. I usually buy stuff from Target after it goes on sale because they tend to rotate through seasons quickly and (at least my local Target stores) usually have a big selection in my size on the sales racks.

All of the things I swooned over were from the new Calypso line, which is pricier than what I would spend anyway, and none of it was on sale. SO, I'm going to dream for now, but I wanted to share these gorgeous pieces. They're perfect for warmer weather, lounging, visiting a new place and strolling Main St., hitting the beach... basically great for any occasion. Enjoy the photos!

This top is 100% silk and felt like Heaven. I could see this being very comfortable on a warm summer night.

Beautiful. Simple. Chic. Love love love.

Gah, I want this so much. I love pretty lounge pieces, and I could see myself on the deck early in the morning with a cup of tea wrapped in this while writing or something. Please go on sale! Please!

Apparently this gem is out of stock online, but I saw it in the store today and almost bought it... It was painful walking away. I actually heard my heart crack. 

Sigh. I love everything about this look. So easy, comfortable, and pretty. I could spend the whole summer in this outfit...

Here's hoping the Calypso line goes on sale soon, or that I find some spare money to spend at Target!


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