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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Song of the Week

Sometimes we need music to get us through long days and weeks. Amiright or amiright? The weather has been miserable here in the northeast for almost a week now, and I've been feeling blah because of it. So! Time for some music. Here's a song I discovered last weekend. It's upbeat and sometimes you need music like this. The translation is: "And so we dance." Enjoy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

The Shoe Hunt

I'm on the hunt for shoes. And the hunt sucks.

I'm not looking for just any old shoes, mind you. I would like a pair that I can slip on easily to walk the dog, whether our walk takes us down to the beach or into the hiking trails at the park or just around the block. I want them to be lighter than sneakers and just slip on.

Also, they have to be inexpensive because I'm cheap and tend to not really care a lot about shoes.

I found a pair on DSW.com and they were on sale plus I had a $10 coupon. They're these guys:

I had high hopes: someone left a review saying she purchased them specifically to slip on and walk her dog. The bottoms are sneaker-like and the top is boat shoe-like. Nice combo.

So they got here on Friday and I wore them around the house, loving how they looked and felt. But then I wore them around the block on a short walk and came home with my right heel all cut up. Thanks, Keds.

I can't return them now that I've worn them (and bled in them... ew) so I've got two choices: toss them in the back of my closet and stew for a few days over the waste of money, or find something to slap over the heel of the right shoe to protect my delicate flower foot.

Or keep looking for another pair of shoes and get over it.

I think for starters I'm going to try and salvage this pair (again, because I'm cheap). But if that doesn't work, does anyone have a suggestion for a shoe that might trump these? Remember: inexpensive, slip-on, durable, good for trail, beach and street walking. My husband suggested mole skin for the heel, but I've tried that before on other shoes and it has never worked that well for me. He also suggested a pair of Vibrams since he has a pair and loves them:

Maybe. But I'm not sure I want to spend $85+ on dog-walking shoes.

I've also considered these L.L.Bean slip on Mary Janes:
They're $45, which I suppose isn't that bad, but now that I've already got the heel-wreckers over here, I don't know if I can justify buying another pair of shoes.

This is why I stick to $10 Target flats most of the time. Less complicated.
Any suggestions?

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Target Love

I went to Target this afternoon to get Mother's Day cards and dog treats, but of course I had to swing by the women's clothing department and check the clearance racks. I usually buy stuff from Target after it goes on sale because they tend to rotate through seasons quickly and (at least my local Target stores) usually have a big selection in my size on the sales racks.

All of the things I swooned over were from the new Calypso line, which is pricier than what I would spend anyway, and none of it was on sale. SO, I'm going to dream for now, but I wanted to share these gorgeous pieces. They're perfect for warmer weather, lounging, visiting a new place and strolling Main St., hitting the beach... basically great for any occasion. Enjoy the photos!

This top is 100% silk and felt like Heaven. I could see this being very comfortable on a warm summer night.

Beautiful. Simple. Chic. Love love love.

Gah, I want this so much. I love pretty lounge pieces, and I could see myself on the deck early in the morning with a cup of tea wrapped in this while writing or something. Please go on sale! Please!

Apparently this gem is out of stock online, but I saw it in the store today and almost bought it... It was painful walking away. I actually heard my heart crack. 

Sigh. I love everything about this look. So easy, comfortable, and pretty. I could spend the whole summer in this outfit...

Here's hoping the Calypso line goes on sale soon, or that I find some spare money to spend at Target!