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Monday, April 4, 2011

Something Sunny Monday

I was off to a great start this morning and in the middle of writing this post, I got a phone call about the job I had been offered on Friday. They rescinded the offer because they apparently aren't set up in my state tax-wise for remote workers. I don't know how or why they missed this important detail and only caught it after they hired me, but it was pretty devastating. I had spent the weekend telling family and friends about my great new job, how excited I was, all that jazz. My husband and I started reconfiguring our finances so we could begin putting more into savings. I was thrilled to be contributing so much to our income since I've spent the past few years in grad school and doing part-time freelance writing.

Well, today TripAdvisor crushed me pretty bad. I'm going to go ahead and publish this post, anyway. I spent the morning crying. I couldn't even finish this blog because there wasn't a happy bone in my body, but I have to move forward now. My hubby reminded me how a year ago we lost an offer on a house we wanted so so so much. That was the last time I felt this crushed and devastated at losing something so promising. But, as he pointed out, it fell through so we could find our perfect house, which we did find a month or two later.

Original post, pre-heartbreak:

Since this blog is still so new, I'm going to try out series writing for a few weeks. I think it will give the posts some direction and will help me build a concrete collection of images, ideas, projects, etc that define my style. Hopefully these posts will inspire your style, too!.

Mondays will from now on be dubbed Something Sunny Monday. Why? Because it's Monday! Even when the sun is shining, Mondays can be slow-going. We're still feeling the effects of a fun or busy weekend and for some people, Mondays are the least emotionally sunny day of the week. I think Mondays are great, though; they're a fresh start, the beginning of a new week where so many unseen possibilities exist. I think starting the week with a sunny disposition can change everything.

So to kick off my first ever Something Sunny Monday (ironically, it's overcast and rainy today), I want to introduce you to a piece on etsy.com that I just discovered and fell in love with immediately. I've been browsing etsy in search for some interesting art work to display in our bedroom. We have a small room and can't fit much more furniture than our queen bed and two nightstands, so we're turning to wall art as a way to liven up the space. Yesterday we put up white sheers on the windows (the perk of this small room is that we have 3 big windows and get lots of beautiful natural light!) and were amazed at how they made the space look bigger. Next we need to add some creative energy to the walls.

There's a lot of great stuff on etsy, obviously, but this Daydream List by illustrator Katie of thewheatfield shop really caught my attention:
Click the link and go check it out on her etsy page to really get a sense of how beautiful it is. At least from here you can see the faded, delicate colors, the natural elements and the list format. The list actually reads like a poem. I think I have to own this gem.

I love when art and words are combined, so most of the pieces in thewheatfield's shop really make me happy. Plus, the best thing about etsy is that the money you spend on the site goes right to the artist. Nothing better than directly supporting the person making the art/jewelry/clothes/etc that you fall in love with. That is a sunny way to start the week, my friends. 

What was something sunny that happened on your Monday? Tell me in the comments! 


  1. Something sunny... I came home and took an hour-long walk around the hood with Andrew. Best part of my day!

    Chin up dear, things happen for a reason, and it's only in retrospect that we understand them. It'll all come out in the wash.

  2. @VintageWhimsy
    Walks are the best! And you're right. Everything does happen for a reason. This job is my Youngs Ave of 2011. My Ives Road job must be right around the corner.. :)

  3. I'm sorry about the work thing! But hey, you will find something even better! :) hmm.. monday i just spend at home, cleaning. the happy moment was when my boyfriend came earlier to home than planned and we spend nice evening eating and watching tv together. small things makes me happy :)

  4. @Sini
    Thanks, Sini! I know you're right.. this just frees me up for the an even better opportunity. I totally agree with you about the small things = happiness. Sometimes just snuggling up on the couch with my husband is the best part of the day :)


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