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Friday, April 8, 2011

Easy, Awesome DIY Picture Project

The other day I discovered Adriana Willsie's awesome blog and business. I found this super easy and really adorable DIY project on her blog and, since I'm a sucker for my pup, I decided to make one featuring my lovely little miss Mia.

Here's my baby:

 And here's what I did with the help of Adriana's step-by-step guide:

Cute, huh?? It didn't take long to make and once it was done, I was really happy with it. It's bold, graphic, and unique. Plus it's my baby! My mom's birthday is this weekend and I think I might make one for her using a picture of her dog, Coco (my first dog-child).

I have to thank Adriana for inspiring me and helping me get back into creating things!

Do you guys have any fun projects that you personalize like this?


  1. I don't know what happened to my comment, but here it goes again! So, I apologize if you get it twice.

    What a GREAT post. Love your project. Thanks so much for sharing the link. I think I will do this, but instead of using a picture of our menagerie of dogs/cats/hamster/goats/rabbits/horses, I will use picture of my daughters in dance poses. That should make nice silhouettes and great Mother's Day gifts!

    Thanks for a terrific blog...just like always!

  2. @kristinfrancis
    I love that idea! I had the same thought, but with our friends' three little girls. They're coming up to visit for the week before Easter, so I want to get their silhouettes and make these for them to take home. Make sure you post the picture when you make yours!

  3. Oh my gosh, that's so cute! I /love/ the grass background. Glad you liked the tutorial :)


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