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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

What's Your Couple Style?

Do you think you have a couple style?

It's not something I would have thought much about before I got married, but now I see that when you share a space with another person (even if it's your family or a roommate or a sibling), you are blending two tastes into one. Which is hard! It's hard enough to figure out what exactly you like sometimes, never mind complicating matters by adding another person's taste, too.

I got to thinking about this on Saturday. Matt and I set out to enjoy the early spring weather with a walk around Wickford, which is a charming little village not far from where we live. It's on the water and there are lots of little shops and fun things to do.

Isn't Wickford cute?? It's very historic. A quintessential old New England village, really. So we went down there to walk around and remembered that the first time I took Matt there 3 years ago, we had our aura picture taken at this awesome little new-agey store.

We decided to get an updated aura picture taken now that we're married to see if it's changed at all. It only takes a minute and they give you a paper that explains what the colors in your aura (or, in our case, our joint aura) means. Ours is full of white and blue light, which means we've got peace in our relationship and we're good at communicating. Neat, huh?

So it got me thinking about our couple style. We're still working on decorating and settling into our house and so far we haven't disagreed on any stylistic choices. We've liked different things, but always seem to compromise on something we both find appealing. Our biggest difference? I love color. He loves neutrals. What was really funny about the aura photo is that it kind of encompasses our mutual love of the color blue: the ocean, blue skies, all the navy clothes we both own, our great Ikea rug in the living room, the backdrop of navy in our amazing hand-me-down couches. I think in part we're both drawn to nautical colors, and blue is definitely nautical. For me, it's a great neutral that also works well with colors. I love yellow, and you can't go wrong with blue and yellow (just ask my wedding-- it was a blue and yellow fest!).

Knowing how our styles differ and blend will help us not only decorate our house, but will help us figure things out in our marriage. The fact that I love color sort of reminds me of how I can get really passionate and impulsive. His love of neutrals is similar to his easy-going, mellow personality. See?? There's something to this style thing, I swear ;)

What's your couple style like? Do you define it, or just go with it?


  1. Our style is vintage, vintage, VINTAGE! Vintage-quirky. Anything that is one of a kind, eclectic, charming, and tells a story. Andrew says, "The nerdier, the better." Whatever that means. :)

  2. @VintageWhimsy
    That is definitely you guys to a T. Have you ever been to the antique shop in Wickford, right across from the little park? We went digging around in there and found some awesome old postcards with Hyannis pics on them. One was of St. Francis, the other was Main St. It was so cool. They have a HUGE postcard collection from all over New England. Aside from that, they have a ton of great antiques. You would probably find awesome stuff for your house there!

  3. @Kristin

    Have you guys ordered that awesome wallpaper? I was looking at that website again the other day... I still love it!

  4. @VintageWhimsy
    We haven't ordered it yet! We definitely want to, though.


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