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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Wallpaper Lust

I'm not a huge fan of wallpaper since it seems like such a serious commitment. I mean, paint is easy enough to change, but wallpaper involves a whole removal process. Kinda deters me sometimes.

However, I came across this wallpaper recently and my heart just about skipped a beat. It's from minimoderns.com and I adore it. I showed it to my husband and he loved it, too.

Once it's available, I think we're going to buy some and get over our wallpaper fear. It would be perfect as an accent wall in our office or in our loft area upstairs (these pictures are from last May, on the first time we checked this house out. We submitted an offer the next day! Anyway, that's why you don't see any of our stuff in the pictures.)

This office is currently cluttered and in need of spring cleaning & some love.

Wouldn't that wallpaper look neat on the short wall? Our stairs are around that corner near the window, btw.
A huge part of this whole style-exploration thing is defining the style of our house. We moved in right before our wedding in August, and we still don't feel totally settled. I mean, we have a full sized mattress and box spring in our dining room still! Pretty soon those will go live with my parents, but for now that's part of our space. I'm not a huge fan, but we'll deal until we can get them out of here.

Anyway, one issue with figuring out your house style is learning how to blend two individual styles into one. Thankfully my husband and I are pretty similar in our tastes, but I definitely love color more than he does. My bedroom at my parents' house was painted coral my entire life, for God's sake. He's happy with our currently-neutral walls (I'm sort of bored by them.)

This wallpaper might be the perfect mix of our styles: there's color and movement for me, and neutrality for him. I'll be sure to post pictures when/if we get our hands on a roll of this gem!

What are some ways you've blended styles with your partner, family, or a roommate? Have you ever attempted wallpaper?


  1. I found your blog address from Aurajoon's blog, so I decided to come and see!

    I do like of wallpapers, depends how they are used. One wall with amazing wallpaper and the rest painted, I love that.

  2. @Sini
    Thanks for the comment! I'm so glad you popped over here :)

    I definitely agree that one wallpapered wall as an accent is nice. I think if it's a small space, wallpaper can also work nicely, like if you have a tiny bathroom but want to give it some personality.

    Thanks for following, I hope you like what you read as the blog grows! :)

  3. Tiny bathrooms... that reminds me of these bathroom photos I found a couple of years ago.


    I loved them, but it is a huge commitment.

    That wallpaper is so fun! It looks like an old Japanese woodcut print. I think it will look great in the loft.

  4. @VintageWhimsy
    Reallyyyy cute. I think it would look better in the loft, too. Not a full floor-to-ceiling commitment, but just enough for it to be interesting and fun.

  5. @Kristin

    I checked out that the website this came from and I am in adoration of the "Folk Rock" styles. Andrew's head over heels for the designs! Very stylish.

    And for that, I am passing on to you the "Stylish Blogger Award"! Hooray!

  6. @VintageWhimsy
    Aren't those prints so much fun?? I just wonder how much the shipping will be from the UK. Probably worth it, though, since their stuff is so unique.

    And thank you for the stylish blogger award! That'll be my post for the day! I heart you!


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