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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Stylish Blogger Award?!

My super-lovely sister-in-law, Lisa, at Chic Magnifique  just passed along the Stylish Blogger Award to me, an award she was recently given by another blogger. I have to say, that's pretty cool! I just started this blog a few days ago and I'm already being tagged for fun stuff like this? Love it. You can read her post here to find out 7 interesting facts about her. And I guess I'm supposed to do the same!

Here it goes...

1.Tomorrow is my 25th birthday and I'm actually looking forward to it (and the thrift shopping I'll be treating myself to!)

2. My husband and my dog crack. me. up. I work from home so I'm with our dog Mia all day, and she hardly makes a peep. When my husband gets home, though, she has full on conversations with him! He'll talk to her and she makes dog-noises back at him in response. I sit there and laugh.

She thinks she's a small parrot, not a 52-pound mutt.

3. I just finished grad school and got my MFA in Creative Writing, which might seem impractical (and maybe it is), but it was exactly the right program for me at the right point in my life.

4. I hate winter. Really, really hate it. I have Seasonal Affective Disorder (self-diagnosed, of course) and go through spells of feeling so blue during the winter. Spring and summer are my favorites; I love when trees bud and flowers bloom and grass grows. I love having the windows open and smelling the warm air, taking walks at 8pm, reading in the sun, riding my bike, walking around barefoot, wearing sundresses and grilling dinner outside. That, to me, is perfection.

Hooray, summertime!

5. My husband and I met while he was in Iraq. Lisa introduced us, kind of, or rather told us about each other, and the first day we talked online, we talked for 7 hours. We clicked right away and I loved him from the start and worried about his safety every second until he came back to the States 3 months later. It's a really odd way to start a relationship, but I think it made us strong and helps us appreciate each other more since we started out with war and all the potential dangers of it in the picture of our relationship.

6. I won't pay full price for most things, especially if it's something I can make myself or can find online or elsewhere for less. I love a good bargain!

7. I'm taking a course on magazine writing and my hope is that I'll be publishing articles left and right pretty soon. I prefer self-employment since writing is what I love, and there are lots of opportunities right now for writers. Especially young ones who get the importance of blogging and social media. Ideally, I'd like to be a community manager for a website while publishing articles. And I've got a new blog with LendingTree coming next month! I'll talk about it here (because a girl can never have too many blogs).

That's it! Very fun. Thanks Lis for passing that along. I'm going to pass mine to Aura Joon!

Have a lovely day, all. Stay tuned for a really fun and practical DIY project (customized to your style) and a post on my birthday thrifting adventures!


  1. nice post, you're a good writer :)



  2. @Emilie
    Thanks, Emilie! Your blog looks great, too. Love the post with all the gorgeous pink clothes :)


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