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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Interview Clothes

So today I have a job interview for a really cool job with a cool company (more info to come!) and I've been thinking quite a bit about interview attire. I spent a big chunk of time last night steaming different pieces for potential outfits. I need to leave the house in about 3 hours and I'm still not 100% sure what I'll be wearing. I don't own a business suit and don't have much desire to get one since I mostly freelance, so my options are dresses, nice pants and collared shirts, or a pencil skirt.

I think I'll decide when I get out of the shower.

If I had unlimited funds and time to shop and an office outside my house to work in, these are some pieces I might consider for an interview/work wardrobe ( and not necessarily all together, either).

I don't own any of these pieces, but I think they'd be a good start to a professional wardrobe. What do you guys wear to interviews or to your job? Is your workplace very conservative, or can you have fun with your clothes? My favorite part about working from home is the freedom to dress however I want-- I can wear yoga pants one day and a dress the next if I want! Well, I'm off. Wish me luck!


  1. good luck!! I'm having one tomorrow too! Nervous.. yes. Outfit problems, nay. I think this interview will be quite relaxed, so I'm not stressed about the outfit at all. I used to work as executive assistant and I used to hate the forced business look as I didn't find anything younger looking outfits. I'm glad if this job would be more relaxed. Fingers crossed,I hope you'll get the job! :)

  2. sooo jealous! Wish I could wear what I wanted. I buy almost all of my office clothes used so that they are cheaper. At work I wear a lot of grey slacks and sweaters. Now that it's finally spring, hopefully I can spice things up. But flip flops and tank tops are a no...so I hope I can find some cute blouses and heels. Good luck w/the interview!!! =)

  3. @Sini
    Good luck at your interview, Sini!! Let me know how it goes! As for mine, I ended up wearing nice pants and a button-down shirt and heels, only to walk in and see everyone at this business in jeans! It's a really casual place and my job would be a work-from-home position anyway, but I had to laugh when I saw how dressed down everyone was after I spent so much time worrying about looking nice! :)

  4. @thetroublewithtwentytwo
    Thanks, Meredith! I think it went really well. I wish I could buy some of those pieces in this blog post, but the truth of the matter is I'm just too cheap! I buy things on clearance or sale only, unless I'm treating myself or something (which I don't do often at all!). I like thrift shopping at second-hand consignment shops too. But a girl can dream!! I hope you find some blouses and heels you love to wear to work!!

  5. I love that Cole Haan Kendra bag! Thanks so much for posting about it. I'm on the hunt for the perfect double-strapped bag and this one is definitely going on my wishlist!

    My workplace is pretty laid back. I'm allowed to wear jeans any day of the week and I've seen a few women walk around in sleeveless shirts (which used to be a HUGE no-no in one of my old jobs). I've even seen people around the office in Birkenstocks, which is awesome. I'll admit that I miss more conservative, business-casual workplaces though. I don't think I've purchased any "professional" clothes in a couple of years.


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