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Monday, March 7, 2011

How Do You Define Style?

Do you bother defining your style?

I didn't, not until recently. I knew what I liked and didn't like as far as clothing went, but I never took the time to think about my style and give it an identity.

Lobster is my style.
The more I've been thinking about it, the more I believe that style goes beyond clothing. It's in the place you call home, the job you have, the hobbies you feel passionate about, the company you keep, the way you love. Personal style is a mingling of all these things, and I think it's important to explore what makes you you.

I've been following some great style blogs recently, and these are the ladies who have me thinking about how I want the world to see me, my house, the things I create. I'm also reading Daring to Be Yourself by Alexandra Stoddard, which is a great book if you're trying to get to the core of your personal style. Between the blogs I'm reading, this book, and taking the time to think about the space I inhabit and the clothes I choose each day, I'm slowly beginning to understand my style a bit more clearly.

On Thursday I turn 25. Maybe that's part of this, too. My dad made a joke last weekend about it being time for a quarter-life crisis, but this certainly isn't that. In the past year, I married my best friend, bought our first home, finished grad school, and started a freelance career. And I'm just turning 25. No quarter-life crisis here, though it does feel like the right time to start something like this blog (I already have one, yes, and I've had many others in the past, too. So what?!). Let me explain what you can expect to see here:

  • Ways to unearth your style and own it without reservation (this means having the confidence to like what you like and be unapologetic about it).
  • Ideas for making your space (whether it's one bedroom, an apartment, or a house) reflect your unique taste while still being functional.
  • DIY projects for your home, life and wardrobe.
  • How-To posts on subjects like starting a vegetable garden, cleaning out your closets, and finding gems at thrift stores.
  • Inspiration for living your best, most vibrant life. Maybe that's cheesy, but there you have it. I want to figure out how to do this myself, and it would make my day to help you with this, too.
Please check out some of the links below to read the blogs that have inspired me. These gals may not always be talking about style, but they're always living, and that's what I love. They ooze exuberance. I practically can see it coming out of my computer after I read their blogs. I hope you love them as much as I do! 

And while you're here, leave me a comment... tell me about your style. What makes you tick, makes you completely, utterly, uniquely you? 

Blog love
*My sister-in-law Lisa over at CHIC MAGNIFIQUE is not only an art teacher, but she's one of the most stylish people I know. Her blog is adorable and definitely a regular source of inspiration when I think about what we want to do with our house. She has a handle on color like no one.
*Sydney over at the Daybook was probably the first style-centered blog I came across. I love her spunk and inventiveness with clothing and how cute she & her hubby are together.
*Aura Joon's blog is  gorgeous, sumptuous, full of life. She has been my inspiration for our vegetable garden endeavor, but her blog is also loaded with lovely photos that capture her life and her writing is just beautiful.
*Love, Life, Lace is fun, fun, fun! She's got to be one of the happiest, most grateful bloggers I've come across and I love that about her. And let me tell you, this girl has style.
*Kendi Everyday is stylish, witty, and adorable. She also created the 30 for 30 challenge, which I'm seriously considering (but am kind of scared to try!)
*bex... a style diary is a girl after my own heart: she doesn't think you have to drain your bank account to have style, but she still pushes herself to be creative. I love that.
*Rose a la mode is another girl whose message resonates with me. She's also evolving in her personal style and I really relate to a lot of her posts. Kindred spirits, perhaps?
*Young House Love  is one of my go-to blogs for home improvement/house style. This young couple not only knows what they're doing, but they have a blast together. What's more stylish than that?


  1. Hi, Kristin. It's funny that I just read this, because these last few weeks I've been thinking about this a lot lately, as well. I also used to only relate style to physical appearance, but it goes so much deeper than that. As I get older, I realize the people around me that I am attracted to - it's not only a look but more of a lifestyle.
    I'm so happy that you'll be starting a garden this year, you will love it! Get ready to start a life-long addiction :)

  2. Kristin, what a lovely post. I really like when you said "I think its important to explore what makes you you." My cousin in law and I were just talking about that this evening! We're all created so differently but its our differences that draw us to each other. i think its because each of us holds things that others need to be inspired by.

    it was so kind of you to have included me on your list. seriously very kind.


  3. Personal style is something so difficult for me to pin point! I love your take on it. I think I will have to check out that book, it sounds great!

  4. @Aura

    Thanks for the comment, Aura! I agree that the older I get, the more I realize my style isn't just what I wear, but how I live. And I am so excited about the vegetable garden. Neither of us have had on before and this is our first full summer in our house, so I can't wait to see how it turns out!

  5. @bex

    Thanks for the comment, bex! I definitely think it's our differences that draw us to each other, too. That's a big reason why I was so inspired by the blogs I've been reading. I think I saw part of myself (or, actually, who I hope to be) in the posts I was reading, and that was the spark I needed to start this process myself. :)

  6. @yifie d.
    Thank you!! I hope you'll stick around :)

  7. @O'Melly
    It's a great book, definitely gives you plenty to think about!

  8. Just found you after seeing your comment on Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge :) I'm thinking about it too (maybe we can commit together :))!

    Anyhoo, you asked what "my style is" or what makes us tick and makes "you YOU"? To start that flow, I thought I'd comment on that as I contemplate choosing 30 items for 30 days: I really like tone on tone, with accessories or a small surprise...it sounds plain and basic, but it IS what I love...I think I discovered it with my wedding dress 13 years ago...I've always loved sparkle and shine, details, lace...everything fancy and interesting...but, when it came down to it and I tried on dresses, what felt like ME, what I fell in love with was a perfectly plain, classy, no beads, very figure flattering dress...a long veil, expensive jewelry, but no frills...I loved it and I felt beautiful...

    I LOVE everything: great tops, perfect pants, unique and somewhat flashy accessories, just the right shoes...but my STYLE is probably basics/plains with a surprise...does that make sense? I'm still trying to figure it out myself, which is why I'm *doing* the 30 for 30...I'll hopefully know more by the end!

    Looking forward to watching your blog develop too...


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