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Friday, March 25, 2011

Freakin' Funny Friday

I love humor. I love a good laugh. I love situations that shouldn't be funny but totally are (church giggles, anyone?)

That's why I'm starting a new Friday series called Freakin' Funny Friday where you'll get to see people and things that are just... freakin' funny. Why? Because it's Friday and sometimes we just need a good laugh, ok?

Also just because I find so many things funny and I love sharing them. But hopefully not in that it-was-funnier-when-it-happened-but-not-so-much-now-that-I'm-retelling-it kind of way.

So for my first Freakin' Funny Friday, I'm going to introduce you to Grace Helbig of Daily Grace. She has  My Damn Channel and YouTube pages where her daily vlogs are posted. And she's freakin' funny. I don't exactly know how I stumbled upon her, but I've been watching her videos and cracking up. A lot. Sidenote: you might want to watch these videos from the comfort of your home instead of at work, and if you're easily offended by foul language.... sorry.

So happy Friday to all of you! I hope your weekend is the bomb diggity and perhaps you can make it even better by making some Daily Grace Bacon Infused Vodka after watching this video, hmm? Let me know how that works for ya.


  1. Hey, stumbled upon your blog from the Awkward and Awesome list! I totally had salmon vodka a couple weeks ago (which I don't recommend), so I don't think any vodka flavor would surprise me now. Bacon may be pretty good in a bloody mary, though!

    I've only seen one of Grace's videos, but it was funny. I'll have to watch more.

    Rebekah of From the Mixed-up Files

  2. @Rebekah
    Hey Rebekah! So glad to meet you! Salmon vodka, huh? Not sure how I feel about that! I agree that the bacon is probably tasty in a bloody mary, although I tend to think bloody marys are just fine as they are ;)


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