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Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Ever Awkward & Awesome Thursday!

Over at The Daybook, a blog I seriously love, Sydney posts her awkward and awesome happenings each Thursday. It's always fun to read hers, so I'm going to take part. Besides, there's nothing else to talk about BECAUSE IT SNOWED LAST NIGHT and I'm in a very fragile emotional state because of this. It's best to discuss other matters.

-Buying green bananas at a small, local health food store and having the sort-of-strange cashier laugh and say "You know, I don't think these will ever get ripe. They've been sitting there like this for a week." And me saying "....Oh? Well... should I still get them?" And she shrugs. Thanks. Best part? I got home and looked over my receipt and realized she didn't even ring them up. So maybe that's more awesome than awkward!
-Reading emails on my phone and intending to write back on my computer...and forgetting to do so. For days.
-Cooking a heinously ugly chicken pot pie for dinner. Like... not-even-a-mother-could-love-it kind of ugly. My husband was diplomatic about it though-- he said he still really liked it and it doesn't matter what it looks like on the outside as long as it's good on the inside. Which it was. Ugly pot pie, FTW.
-Getting excited for a few weeks about seeing the ground again and spring coming... and then waking up to snow. It sucks when you get that spring-momentum going and it screeches to a snowy, gross halt.

-After a great phone interview, getting an in-person interview for a job that I really really really want.
-The classic, sleek bun my hair is in today thanks to two Goody Spin Pins. Glamorous hair & yoga pants are what my day is all about today. That's lazy for ya (I blame the snow).
-Feeling a renewed spark for the novel I need to keep working on. The ideas won't stop coming!
-Working out 3 days this week so far and feeling sore but awesome. I'm determined to look good in my sun dresses this summer.
-Wearing my beloved rain boots with pajamas this morning when I took the dog out and not caring who saw as they drove by. Whatever-- if it has to snow, at least I can slip into rain boots instead of snow boots. Those suckers are packed away in the basement. Forever. Til December.
-My husband. That's it, he's just so awesome. We have fun sitting around at night listening to music, watching YouTube videos, talking about our days. He rocks and I never miss the chance to remind him of that.

If you want to take part, you can link up your own Awkward & Awesome Thursday post here!  

Two spin pins are holding this masterpiece in place. Genius.

Some days you just need sleek hair... like when you're feeling too lazy to plug in the hair dryer. 

It could be a bit higher I think. Next time I'll try that.


  1. That hairstyle fits you perfectly! I don't have long enough hair to pin it good, yet. I was wondering of the bananas, maybe these were banana plantain what stays green and tastes different than normal banana? It's for cooking. Or maybe it's just super bananas that never gets ready ;)

  2. This is hilarious... I so want to participate.

  3. @Sini

    That is weird about the bananas. I've had bananas that have gone from green to rotten, with no ripe in between. That was gross.

  4. @VintageWhimsy
    I don't know what's up with these bananas but they're still green and after what the lady at Back to Basics said, I kind of don't want to eat them. Now, you KNOW I love unripe bananas... but these are weirding me out. She didn't even charge me for them, so I think they might get the boot...


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