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Monday, March 28, 2011

A Blue & Yellow Summer Wedding

I think a wedding says a lot about a couple's style. Matt & I got married last August on the most comfortable, sunny, non-humid day of the summer. Our colors were yellow and cornflower blue and we had our pictures taken at the beach (which, coincidentally is down the street from the house we closed on 3 days before the wedding). Our wedding reflects our love of the summer, the ocean, nostalgia (I wore my grandmother's pearls, we rode in a vintage-looking trolley), our simple style (nothing too over-the-top or crazy for us, thanks!) I thought I'd share a few highlights!


  1. Gorgeous wedding! Those were our wedding colors, too, except the girls wore yellow dresses, and the blue was our accent color. I love your dress! I also had a lace dress, so I get excited whenever I see that someone else picked lace, too.

  2. @Rebekah
    Thanks for the comment!! I loved my lace dress and I totally agree with you-- when I see other lace dresses it makes me so happy. There's something romantic and timeless about lace! I've always wanted a dress like this for my wedding... I didn't even want to try anything non-lace on :)

  3. Loved your wedding! Can't wait to rock it in the trolley :-)

    p.s. i'm obsessed with your blog background

  4. @K5 Becomes a Bride
    You. Are. Going. To. LOOOOOOVE the trolley!!!


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